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Burren Outdoor Education Centre: Geo-Education

Themes: Elements of Geology, Geological Materials,
Countries: ireland 
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This geo-education learning resource is designed for use by schools at the Burren Outdoor Education Centre or at school as orientation exercises.

Students can learn about how to read geological maps; how to identify rocks of the Burren, and how to consider the vastness of geological time.

The Burren Outdoor Education Centre can provide the required learning materials for these activities, in addition to the learning material that is available on this website.

Outdoor education and activity programmes offered at the Burren Outdoor Education Centre an include any combination of activities such as caving, rock climbing, hill walking, kayaking, snorkelling and body boarding; and/or environmental studies.

The unique landscape of the Burren makes it a perfect location for many types of practical fieldwork at all levels of education including specific projects for Leaving Certificate classes.


Download Information Sheets Here:

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Activity 1 Infosheet: Geology Maps & Map Reading

Activity 2 Infosheet: The Rocks of the Burren & North Clare

Activity 3 Infosheet: Reading the Rocks

  • (Limestone, shale and siltstone rock samples to be given to students)

Activity 4 Infosheet: Understanding Geological Time

Download Student Worksheets Here:

Activity 1 Worksheet: Geology Maps & Map Reading

Activity 2 Worksheet: The Rocks of the Burren & North Clare

Activity 3 Worksheet: Reading the Rocks

Activity 4 Worksheet: Understanding Geological Time

GIS Resources:

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> Download Bedrock Map (Detail)
> Download Bedrock Cross Section
> Download Bedrock Map – Ireland
> Download Terrain Map – The Burren (Google Earth)

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