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Koli National park: Landscape Learning Module

Themes: Elements of Geology, Landscape,
Countries: finland 
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Activities of the learning module ”Koli Landscape” are primarily designed for two age groups: from 5th to 6th grade and 9th grade. Pupils learn about landscapes, and how landscapes form and change through geological processes and human actions. The landscape of Koli is particularly under study.

The module forms a learning process which consists of several tasks (activities). First, there are orientation exercises to be done at school before visiting Koli. These are followed by a lot of exercises to be carried out during a guided study trip at Koli, after which, the learning process continues at school. (The activities develop pupils’ thinking and problem solving skills. Instruction relies on an investigative, problem centred approach.)
The NEED project Learning module on Koli National Park consists of new indoor and outdoor activities, handbooks for teachers and guides, and materials and equipment related to the module.


Learning Resources

> Download Koli Landscape Teachers Handbook 5th and 6th Grade
> Download Koli Landscape Teachers Handbook 9th Grade
> Download Koli Landscape Photograph
> Download Koli Landscape Photograph 2

Learning material in Finnish language is available at the University of Eastern Finland website. Click here to read more and to download resources in Finnish.

Learning Environment

For more information about Koli National park  (nature, history, activities) visit our website.

Koli National Park

Friends of Ukko-Koli association

Map of Koli NP (www.excursionmap.fi)

For further information about the services for visitors please contact Visitor Centre Ukko
Tel int. +358 205 64 5654
Fax: +358 205 64 5771

Web: Visitor Centre Ukko


The “Koli Landscape” learning module for Koli National Park was developed in the NEED-project by:

University of Eastern Finland
Geological Survey of Finland
Friends of Ukko-Koli association
Teachers and students of schools in Juuka and Lieksa participated in the testing of the learning module.
Click here for more information about the NEED-project.