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Oskari-Linnansaari Visitor Centre: Environmental trail

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”Aika matka” is a 3-kilometer long environmental trail which is located in downtown Rantasalmi. It consists of nine stops and 12 fascinating stories of which five deal with geological and the rest with culture historical topics.

The stories introduce the visitor to highlights in the geological and cultural past of the region. Main geological theme is the time concept characterised by the evolution of the landscape and the water level alterations of the Saimaa basin. The culture of the region evolved around the Haapaniemi Military Academy and the related manor culture.

Learning Resources

- Learning Material: Download Aika Matka Learning Material

- Brochure: Download The Making of Aikamatka

Learning material in Finnish language is available at the University of Eastern Finland website. Click here to read more and to download resources in Finnish.


Learning Environment

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The “Aika matka” environmental trail was developed in the NEED-project by:
Rantasalmi Institute of Environmental Education
Geological Survey of Finland
Click here for more information about the NEED-project.