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Good and bad geology: Learning Module

Themes: Climate Change, Geological Materials,
Countries: norway 
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Pupils get to know several aspects of geology. How geological resources creates the background for the modern society today as well as the reason for many of today’s huge environmentally problems like global warming and acid rain. This module develops thinking, learning and problem solving skills, as well as an understanding of how to make evidences and studies about environmental challenges in the future to come.

This study module is linked to the Nordland national park centres learning program in Nordland county. The study module Good and bad geology consists several numbers of activities. The visit at the centre is supposed to be a cognitive starter for the understanding of environmentally challenges in relation to different aspects of the use of geo-recourses. After the visit the schools can keep on working with issues that came up under the module. This to make sure that the learning process in this issue will continue.

The learning module Good & bad geology is very relevant for schools in Nordland county because of the big influence that geology has for the industry in the area. Beside of agriculture and seefarming does the geobased industry make the basis for workplaces. As a result of that, the nature resourses is put under high pressure, and the debate on environmentally issues related to this, is almost daily in the media. By building up a knowledge foundation of how geo-resourses has been used in the region, the children can begin to appreciate the vast history of their local region, as well as be put in position to take their part of the debate.

Learning Resources:

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