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Hollows in the ground : Learning module

Themes: Elements of Geology, Landscape,
Countries: norway 
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This module focuses on the first four types of hollows. It is important that the teacher lets the students explore the sites without giving out any fixed answers. The sequence of the sites in the nature trail is given to the students as GPS coordinates. They must themselves navigate to the sites. By building up knowledge about bedrock and the workings of the glaciers, and past human settlements in the area, students will have a keener eye for details in nature. Reading maps, using GPSs and studying the terrain foster physical skills when moving through different landscapes.

Basic skills are also developed through this module. Students practice expressing themselves orally when working in groups and writing when recording findings. They must describe their own experiences and observations from nature after formulating questions and hypotheses. Natural science terms and concepts are used when working. Arguing for one’s own assessments and giving constructive feedback is important in the natural science subject. The last activity in this module is reporting findings by using digital tools for publication.


Download Hollows in the ground – Teachers handbook

Download Hollows in the ground – worksheets