About the Project

About the NEED Project

The NEED project  developed innovative, operational education tools improving the educational use of geo-scientific knowledge in sites of Natural value. The methods and the educational use of the developed sites are available for all schools and nature tourists visiting the Northern Periphery region.

The NEED project focused on both environmental education and educational tourism in Nature sites, increasing skills, and raising environmental awareness amongst the local inhabitants. The NEED project produced study modules and educational materials, and was designed to develop inspiring learning environments based on geo-scientific knowledge. The project also educated the locals on how to use the learning environments in the context of tourism.

The focus in the NEED project was on:

  • environmental education and educational tourism
  • environmental awareness amongst local inhabitants
  • conserving natural environments and cultural heritage
  • networking between the urban and rural educational and tourism resources

The Northern Environmental Education Development (NEED) project manifested  the transnational cooperation project between Finland, Norway, Iceland and Ireland and was a part of the Partly EU funded Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013. The geological and landscape characteristics of the target area of each of the NEED project countries are:

  • Iceland – Glaciers
  • Norway – Mountains
  • Ireland – Karst and coast
  • Finland – Lakeland


Through the transfer of geo-knowledge and educational innovations, the NEED project aimed to conserve Natural environments and cultural heritage, and to create more jobs and sustainable economic opportunities in previously underdeveloped remote rural areas. The project  created a social network between the educational and tourism resources of urban and rural areas. The outputs, like these international GEONEED resources and services dissemination pages,  will be maintained at least until the end of the year 2015.