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Geo-education Learning Resources

The geo-education learning activites presented here are designed to help stimulate and develop our understanding of the geology and associated natural history in our habitual environments. The geoscience learning modules are grouped into five common themes:

Google Earth GIS Resources

A series of Google Earth-GIS learning activities are also available:

About the Learning Resources

Each NEED partner (Finland, Iceland, Norway and Ireland) has contributed to the development of learning modules based upon the five themes listed above. The learning modules have been piloted and tested in schools, visitor centres, adult learning groups and in a variety of other learning environments.

The geo-education modules presented can help us to learn about, and better understand the story of the Earth, the landscapes and environments in which we live, and the natural resources on which we depend.

To view and access the geo-education teaching and learning content, please select one of the themes from the menu on the right.