Koli National Park and Visitor Centre Ukko

Koli is one of Finland’s best known national landscapes and it is an excellent outdoor learning environment for visitors interested in geology. The area is a treasure chest of natural features: rare geological features, a versatile array of animal species and an abundance of plant species.

During your visit, you have the opportunity to learn about an extremely long and complex geological history. The area east of the Koli hills has the oldest bedrock in Finland – it is more than 2600 million years old. Hiking at Koli you’ll find visible and tangible examples of the movements of the ancient tectonic plates, formation of mountain chains and marks of the ice ages: huge boulders, boulder caves and rocks with ripple marks.

The study materials introduce you to interactions between the geology, nature and culture. How bedrock and soil influence on what kind of plants grow in the area? How landscape was formed by the geological processes and how people have changed it? The geological information system (GIS) learning material is free of charge available for all who are interested to learn about geology of Koli in particular and of geological processes in general.


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Learning resources

Koli Landscape Learning Module

Koli GIS-based Learning Module

Learning material in Finnish language is available at the University of Eastern Finland website. Click here to read more and to download resources in Finnish.