Burren National Park

Located on the south- eastern part of the Burren, Burren National Park contains examples of all the major habitats within the Burren:

  • Limestone Pavement
  • Calcareous grassland
  • Hazel scrub
  • Ash/hazel woodland
  • Turloughs
  • Lakes
  • Petrifying springs
  • Cliffs
  • Fen

Burren National Park is just under 2000 hectares in size. The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) are entrusted with the protection of Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) which cover most of the Burren. NPWS also own land in the Burren which is managed as the Burren National Park.

A quick glance at the Burren would leave you thinking it was just rock and little else. This however, is a very complex ecosystem. The habitats within the Park grade into one another, and often are inseparable, creating a mosaic of habitats that are hard to isolate. For example limestone pavement is often inter-mixed with calcareous grassland and hazel scrub, or ash woodland on limestone pavement. All the major Burren habitats are represented within the park.

Approximately 75% of plant species found in Ireland are represented within the habitats of the Burren. Included among these are 23 of Irelands 27 native orchid species.


Burren National Park
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Burren National Park GPS Coordinates

  • 52.996982°  -9.028893°